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The Must Be Love Necklace is where minimalism meets elegance in perfect harmony. This enchanting necklace is exquisitely designed to capture the essence of love. The heart necklace offers versatility with its dual-sided charm – one side in timeless white and the other in radiant gold, allowing wearers to effortlessly choose the look that resonates with their heart. Embrace the beauty of love and style with this enchanting necklace, a testament to the simplicity and versatility of love's enduring charm.

Materials and Dimensions:

- 316L stainless steel plated in 18k gold.

PVD coated. This is a technique that involves depositing a thin film of vaporised material onto the surface of jewellery using a vacuum chamber. This process creates a protective layer that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also imparts exceptional durability.

- Waterproof

- Tarnish resistant

- Chain Length: 45cm; 41cm + 5cm extension