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10ct Gold Band with Claddagh Insert
10ct Gold Claddagh Band with Emeralds10ct Gold Claddagh Band with Emeralds
10ct Gold Emerald Claddagh Ring10ct Gold Emerald Claddagh Ring
10ct Rose Gold Claddagh Ring with Matte Finish
10ct Rose Gold Stackable Claddagh Ring
14k Aquamarine Flower Ring14k Aquamarine Flower Ring
14k Baguette Signet Ring14k Baguette Signet Ring
14k Bezel Dome Ring14k Bezel Dome Ring
14k CZ Knot Ring14k CZ Knot Ring
Ór Collection
14k CZ Knot Ring Sale price€395,00
14k Diamond Iconic Star Signet Ring14k Diamond Iconic Star Signet Ring
14k Dome Starry Ruby Ring14k Dome Starry Ruby Ring
14k Emerald Cluster Band Ring14k Emerald Cluster Band Ring
14k Iconic Pave Croissant Ring14k Iconic Pave Croissant Ring
14k London Dome Ring14k London Dome Ring
14k Majestic Alexandrite Ring14k Majestic Alexandrite Ring
14k Majestic Aquamarine Ring14k Majestic Aquamarine Ring
14k Majestic Sapphire Ring14k Majestic Sapphire Ring
14k Marquise Band Emerald Ring14k Marquise Band Emerald Ring
14k Marquise Royal Ring14k Marquise Royal Ring
14k Minimal Pave Dome Ring14k Minimal Pave Dome Ring
14k Open Nail Ring14k Open Nail Ring
14k Pear Baguette Half Eternity Ring14k Pear Baguette Half Eternity Ring
14k Petite Cross Ring14k Petite Cross Ring
14k T Open Ring14k T Open Ring
Ór Jewellery
14k T Open Ring Sale price€302,00
Sold out3 Flower Bracelet Blue
Sold out3 Split Zirconia Hoops
Sold out9ct 10mm Sleeper Hoop
9ct 2mm Sapphire Single Stud
Sold out9ct 3 Clover Pearl Bracelet
9ct 5 Stone CZ Open Hoop
9ct Bar Drop Earrings9ct Bar Drop Earrings
9ct Black Onyx Clover Bracelet9ct Black Onyx Clover Bracelet
9ct Black Onyx Clover Necklace9ct Black Onyx Clover Necklace
9ct Button Tassel Drop Earrings
Sold out9ct Button Tassel Drop Necklace
9ct Clover Chain Drop Earrings9ct Clover Chain Drop Earrings
9ct Cubic Zirconia and Pearl Drop Earrings9ct Cubic Zirconia and Pearl Drop Earrings
9ct Cubic Zirconia Ball Drop Earrings9ct Cubic Zirconia Ball Drop Earrings
9ct Cubic Zirconia Bar Stud Earrings
9ct Cubic Zirconia Pretty Heart Studs9ct Cubic Zirconia Pretty Heart Studs
9ct CZ 3 Spike Huggie Earrings9ct CZ 3 Spike Huggie Earrings
9ct CZ Band with Dainty Heart Centre9ct CZ Band with Dainty Heart Centre
9ct CZ Diamanté Centre Heart Studs
9ct CZ Lotus Single Stud9ct CZ Lotus Single Stud
Sold out9ct CZ Rectangular Pendant Necklace
Sold out9ct CZ Wedding Band Huggies9ct CZ Wedding Band Huggies
9ct CZ Wraparound Nail Ring9ct CZ Wraparound Nail Ring
9ct Dainty Circle and Ball Bracelet9ct Dainty Circle and Ball Bracelet
Sold out9ct Diamond Cut Round Hoops
9ct Double CZ Hoop9ct Double CZ Hoop