Ór Jewellers was founded in Galway City in Ireland in June 2017. The name was chosen very carefully to reflect our Irish heritage. The word Ór is Gaelic for Gold. Gaelic was the primary language spoken throughout Ireland going back to the 3rd or 4th century AD. While Gaelic never died out, English was the preferred spoken first language of the majority of Ireland by the 19th century.

We are a mother daughter family run business. As the name suggests Ór Jewellers has a wonderful range of gold jewellery and we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers something that is different to what one would expect to find in other jewellers.

The range of jewellery we stock is quite unique and gives our customers pieces to choose from whatever the occasion. Our look is not something you would see in most jewellers. Our ranges would include everything from delicate to statement pieces. We strive to keep our collection fresh with new pieces as well as new designers gracing our shelves each season

Personally sourcing pieces of jewellery and designers that are exclusive involves a lot of research where we attend many International jewellery trade shows. We have a lot of products from designers that are not only exclusive to Galway but to Ireland too. Ór loves to bring exciting, versatile jewellery to our customers.

Travelling Europe to attend trade shows enables us to offer our customers a wider range of products while keeping up with the trends at home and abroad.

However, the team know that some of the best and most unique pieces of jewellery can be obtained under our noses in Ireland. "We are very proud to support Irish designers, Lindsay De Búrca from Galway and Áine Breen from Wexford, to name but a few, are wonderful Irish designers that we stock. We believe our range of jewellery is unique, affordable and the highest quality. We stand by any piece of jewellery we sell.

Nickel allergies are becoming increasingly common which is why we only choose jewellery that is nickel free