Gold Plated Necklaces
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Gold Plated Necklaces

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Gold Ogham NecklaceGold Ogham Necklace
24ct Gold Plated Eternal Galway Heart With Ancient Gaelic Script NecklaceGalway Eternal Heart Necklace
Ór Collection
ÓR TRAVEL CASE Sale price€39,95
On saleGold Star Sign NecklaceGold Star Sign Necklace
Ór Collection
Gold Star Sign Necklace Sale priceFrom €55,30 Regular price€79,00
Sold outCZ Moon & Star Necklace
Sold outGold Flat Snake Chain NecklaceGold Flat Snake Chain Necklace
Irish Farthing Coin NecklaceIrish Farthing Coin Necklace
Sold outKara Chain Link NecklaceKara Chain Link Necklace
Sold outBlack Diana Necklace
A New Day
Black Diana Necklace Sale price€55,00
Sold outSignet Oval Moon & Stars Green
Three shape stone necklace in pinkThree shape stone necklace in pink
Gold Sparkle NecklaceGold Sparkle Necklace
Ania Haie
Gold Sparkle Necklace Sale price€69,00
Gold Pearl Chain Charm Connector NecklaceGold Pearl Chain Charm Connector Necklace
Gold Star CharmGold Star Charm
Ania Haie
Gold Star Charm Sale price€29,00
Gold Cross CharmGold Cross Charm
Ania Haie
Gold Cross Charm Sale price€45,00
Gold Mini Link Charm Chain Connector NecklaceGold Mini Link Charm Chain Connector Necklace
Gold Star Chain Charm Connector NecklaceGold Star Chain Charm Connector Necklace
Gold Key NecklaceGold Key Necklace
Ania Haie
Gold Key Necklace Sale price€55,00
Sold outGold Mother of Pearl Sun Pendant NecklaceGold Mother of Pearl Sun Pendant Necklace
Gold Interlocking Tennis NecklaceGold Interlocking Tennis Necklace
Gold Pearl Sphere Pendant NecklaceGold Pearl Sphere Pendant Necklace
Pink Diana Necklace
A New Day
Pink Diana Necklace Sale price€55,00
Thin Moon Zirconia Necklace
Black Medaillon Necklace
CZ Power Star Necklace
Black Power Star Necklace
CZ Signet Oval Necklace
Pink Signet Oval Necklace
Black Crescent Moon Necklace
CZ Crescent Moon Necklace
Pink Signet Oval Moon & Stars
Sold outPink Round Signet Necklace
Sold outBlack Round Signet Necklace
Gold Pavé Bar Chain NecklaceGold Pavé Bar Chain Necklace
Sold outThree shape stone necklace in greenThree shape stone necklace in green
Three shape stone necklace in redThree shape stone necklace in red
Gold Twisted Wave Drop Pendant NecklaceGold Twisted Wave Drop Pendant Necklace
Sold outPaula NecklacePaula Necklace
Ana & Cha
Paula Necklace Sale price€79,00
Sold outOlivia NecklaceOlivia Necklace
Ór Collection
Olivia Necklace Sale price€235,00
Sold outPenelope NecklacePenelope Necklace
Ór Collection
Penelope Necklace Sale price€335,00
Sold outLouna NecklaceLouna Necklace
Ana & Cha
Louna Necklace Sale price€115,00
Sold outTurquoise Alba NecklaceTurquoise Alba Necklace
Triple Layer Curb ChainTriple Layer Curb Chain
Sold outGold Drop Discs Necklace
Martha NecklaceMartha Necklace
Ana & Cha
Martha Necklace Sale price€79,00